Meet Dana

Being active has always been apart of who I am. I was the toddler doing laps of the playground whilst others were sitting in the sand box.  During my school years I was constantly involved in sports, competing in swimming, running and cycling. In my senior school years I also studied fitness.  Post school, some healthy - some not so healthy lifestyle choices and a series of jobs later, I found myself back studying fitness and working as a fitness instructor. I now am a qualified personal trainer and fitness consultant with a particular interest in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. I believe rather than working out to "get your body back", do it to be strong for your bub.

The With D Story

So much has changed in my life since the beginning of 2014 - I fell in love with a Canadian - in Canada, I am engaged and the most amazing change to date, I am the proud mum of a little boy. With D  was inspired by my pregnancy.  I have been involved in various different areas of fitness over the past 10 years, as an athlete, coach and trainer and if I have learnt anything it is there is always more to learn.  This was especially true whilst I was pregnant.  Struggling in the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with morning sickness (all day sickness) I began to realise I had to adapt nearly all my exercise and stretching routines to cater for the changes that were happening to my body.  I documented what I did and this lead to the creation of my Pregnancy stretching eGuide.  What I didn't know when I first put the guide together was that I would still be using the modified stretches postpartum. So now it is my Pregnancy and Postpartum stretching eGuide. With D now documents in part my journey and incorporates my blog, stretching and other exercises for the postpartum period.

The With D View

I am lucky to share my story and journey with others and have others share their experiences and knowledge with me.  I know parenthood does not come with a set of operational plans.  I also recognise that trying to include healthy lifestyle choices whilst on this journey can be daunting.  Finding BALANCE is what I am working on and it is my hope that With D  can foster a sense of community where others can feel like they BELONG and are not alone.  I also BELIEVE that by sharing my journey and listening to others more things are possible.

The With D Plan

I want to enjoy parenthood and wish this for others too. With D  continues to evolve as I experience each stage of parenthood. The focus is to provide flexible pre and post natal lifestyle choices that can incorporated into one's day. Sunshine, rain or snow - sleeping or active bub - there is a way. Whether we choose to sit and read to relax or get more active with our bubs, With D is about this most important partnership.

The Team

This mum needs her amazing mum...
She is there in her role as Mémé with my son, so I can write for an hour or two here and there and answer questions.

Need a photographer - she is there too.

Want to know more...email  hello@activewithd.com