Monday, 11 September 2017

We're all guilty of forgetting to drink water. By incorporating non-negotiables into your day surrounding water you'll be able to live your life hydrated, energised and physically looking healthier.  Below I have listed 5 easy ways to stay hydrated throughout the day.

1. BIGGER WATER BOTTLE! I find a 500mL water bottle just isn't enough to keep me onto of my hydration. If you can find at least a 1L water bottle that is great. I love keeping my 2.2L water bottle from The Big Bottle Company handy. Health experts have recommended people consume 2L of water per day, however those living an active lifestyle I recommend between 2.5 and 3L per day. I know it sounds like a lot, trust me though, you get used to it and your body will love you for it! I find that my 2.2L bottle gives me a little challenge each day. I'll have at least 1 bottle plus 3 glasses of water.

2. SET AN ALARM! But maybe keep it on silent so you're not disturbing everyone with your water updates. We all check our phone regularly throughout the day so having a little notification pop up every couple of house to say "I be you're thirsty" is a great way to stay hydrated.

3. BOTTLED WATER OR TAP WATER? Unless you're traveling abroad and the tap water isn't drinkable, I believe it is best to opt for tap water (filtered is great) or spring water. Tap water and spring water is full of minerals, including sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc which means the water you drink is providing more benefits for your body and not just staying hydrated. Unfortunately, the process bottled water goes through to produce purified and distilled water means it is often boiled, stripping the water of all the beautiful minerals.

4. WHEN TO DRINK? Sipping throughout the day is wonderful however if you're someone who forgets, enjoying half a glass at a time is good. I love my 2.2L water bottle so I'm constantly being reminded. Try a nice bring colour if you think that'll help. I also recommend my clients to avoid drinking a large glass of water right before a meal as it dilutes your stomach acid which means all the goodness you are consuming isn't able to be properly absorbed. The theory of - drink a glass of water before a meal to stop you from eating too much - really needs to be thrown out the window!! Just sip on water before, during and after your meal as you need.

5. DID YOU KNOW? Studies have shown women lose more water during exercise than men! Yep we may not sweat as much however we burn though our water supply faster. It also takes 60 minutes for water to travel from your gut to your muscles, so ladies, make sure you confuse a glass of water 60 minutes prior to your workout so your muscles can perform at their best.

ARE YOU DEHYDRATED? Look out for these signs and symptoms, this may ,eat you are already dehydrated!
  1. Dryness - dry lips, skin, eyes and hair
  2. Inflammation - skin rashes and burns, clogged pores leading to acnes and red eyes
  3. Urine colour - light yellow means you're hydrated (crystal clear means there's possibly excess water), dark yellow means you are definitely in need of water!
  4. Constipation - if you're not passed each day.
  5. Little to no sweat. 
I hope this helps all the lovely ladies asking about my water intake and how I stay so energised whilst living an active lifestyle. 

With love and smiles


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