Thursday, 26 January 2017

~strength & stability~

As a mum and a personal trainer, I am all about being and feeling strong and healthy - so we can do the things we want to do without aches and pains and without creating physical problems for ourselves later down the track.  Often this means doing things and getting results that are not visible to others or sometimes even to ourselves, but set us up for great things in the future - our pelvic floor and core being number one!

As a Personal Trainer specialising in Women's Health, I love researching, studying and learning as much as I can about women's health.  I also believe it is important to team up with other like minded health professionals to offer women the best care possible. So, I am delighted to introduce Taryn Watson, a specialist physiotherapist with a Master's Degree in Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapy. Taryn is now collaborating with me so we can bring you the best series on Pelvic Floor and your Core for all women.

Although we are on opposite sides of Australia, I am in Queensland and Taryn is in Western Australia - the power of technology has brought us together and allows us to work side by side even when we are physically thousands of kilometres apart. To read more about Taryn visit

Time permitting, I am going to blog about my experiences, whilst Taryn and I put together a series of safe exercises that can be done by you.  We will provide you with great information and workouts that will be of help to you now and in the future.

We are super excited to have you on board.
Love Dx

****This week I am off to see a local specialist women's continence & health physiotherapist to check out my pelvic floor. ****

Whilst many women believe they are engaging their pelvic floor correctly this many not always be the case. Research has shown that only half of women were actually activating their pelvic floor correctly after verbal instruction, and the other half were activating this 'invisible muscle' incorrectly without realising.

Do I have a problem? Not that I know of? This visit is for me to find out more about what this type of appointment entails and how I am going with my pelvic floor. #thecoretruth #thepelvicfloorcore

I am feeling nervous but looking forward to letting your all know how it goes and where to from here. I hope to update you later in the week - fingers crossed Rex has a few naps so I can get blogging.  Then, next stop, exercises for you and me.

Chat soon D :) 

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Anonymous said...

You are the best! Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of mums and mums to be. Too many fitness accounts do the wrong thing by showing they're squatting and running soon after baby. I highly advocate seeing a women's health physio after baby. I was shown my pelvic floor on ultrasound, taught how to engage it correctly and internally checked afterwards. I did this despite not having any continence issues. I wanted to get everything right before thinking about baby #2! And to avoid the crippling pelvic girdle pain I suffered in my pregnancy by having a stronger body. It starts from within!! Thanks Dana, looking forward to your future posts! :) x