Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Challenge time! This one is for the ladies that are beyond postpartum (6+ months) and want to take things up a notch. I love creating at home workouts and now that I have been a mother for one whole year I'm physically and mentally ready to challenge myself. This year I am wanting to put together workout videos with three variations for you all so we (pregnant, postpartum and beyond) can all join in and work out together! In the mean time I will continue to post my workouts as much as possible.

Are you new to my 7 minute workouts? I have 2 other workouts featured in the "7 minute workouts" section which I love so if you're looking for an all over body workout, check them out as well.

Why 7 minutes? I have chosen 7 minutes as it is a manageable length of time for me to complete a workout whilst Rex and I have play time. If Rex is happy to continue and I have more time, energy or want a more intense workout I simply repeat it. The number of repetitions depends on how I am feeling, though most importantly how Rex is going. As my body gets stronger I increase the repetitions.


- There are 7 exercises
- Perform each exercise or side when directed for 30 seconds, completing as many repetitions as possible unless a hold
- Take 10 seconds rest between each exercise or side when directed
- Want more? Repeat 7 minute circuit

Cool down with my Pregnancy and Postpartum stretching eGuide.

To keep track of time I downloaded the free 'Interval Timer' app from the App Store - to see how I set it up check at the end of this blog post.

1. TOE TAPS (alternating sides)
2. REVERSE LUNGE SQUAT (alternating sides)
3. SIDE LEG RAISES - left leg 30 seconds,10 seconds rest, right leg 30 seconds (complete as many repetitions as possible)
4. SQUAT HOLD/WALL SIT (hold for as close to 30 seconds as possible)
5. SIDE LUNGE WITH CROSS OVER CRUNCH - left side 30 seconds, 10 seconds rest, right side 30 seconds (complete as many repetitions as possible) If you have DR and you are feeling any discomfort, do not add in the cross over crunch. 

6. REVERSE LEG EXTENSIONS - left leg 30 seconds,10 seconds rest, right leg 30 seconds (complete as many repetitions as possible)
7. SQUATS - because you've got this far and it's the last exercise so why not finish on a high! (complete as many repetitions as possible)

I always stretch after a workout - you can find my Pregnancy and Postpartum Stretching eGuide 


Interval  Cycle
Cycle Name: Interval Cycle
Number of sets: 10
First Interval: High

High Intensity
Duration: 00:30
Sound: Buzzer

Low Intensity
Duration: 00:10
Sound: Buzzer

And you can play your music to keep you motivated!

With love

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Elisha said...

Hi Dana, just completed your 7 minute workout for the first time (I even downloaded the app) and it was great. Thanks for providing it to follow x

Unknown said...

Hi Dana
I'm 6 weeks post partum and suffering from vaginal prolapse. Can I do your exercises?

John Rowland said...

Hi Dana
It was great with 7 minute workout. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Dana said...

Hi Unknown,
I always recommend getting clearance from your health care practitioners before starting any exercise, especially being postpartum and having suffered from vaginal prolapse. Show them my Pelvic Floor and Core exercise program.
With love D