Me and My Pelvic Floor - Part 1

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The above photo is a taste of what's to come in Part 2 of "Me and my pelvic floor"
Be sure to keep reading below for Part 1! No cheating :)

I get lots of questions about pelvic floor. We all talk about working our pelvic floor muscles but really, how many of us do it on a daily basis and do we really know how to engage it correctly?

This blog post is for anyone needing some more information or if you're wanting to double check you're on the right track.

And yes once you've nailed the technique you can begin to include it in whilst using my Pregnancy and Postpartum Stretching eGuide.

Like any other muscle group it can become stronger with exercise, so if you're happily wetting your pants from all the silly dad jokes your partner is pulling out, don't worry, there's hope!