10 reasons why your child needs you

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

  1. Nothing, and I mean nothing can replace the love that you can provide for your child.
  2. You make them feel safe in the world. It's a scary place, remember that.
  3. You'll always be the first person they come to when things get tough, regardless of their age.
  4. They trust you with their life! Remember the look in their eyes when they first entered the world, you are their world.
  5. You're their role model, you are perfect in every way! 
  6. Only you can comfort them when they've had a nightmare, when they've fallen over, when they just need a nice warm cuddle.
  7. Showing you their first drawing, their first anything makes them feel so talented, so happy because you'll give them the proudest response.
  8. You teach them how to love so one day they can share your love with others.
  9. A mother to a child is like sunshine to a flower, you help them reach for the sky! 
  10. Now take a moment and think about how much love you have for your child, their love for you is even greater! They NEED you! 

You're stronger than you think. 

With love

Remember to reach out to others when you need it. 

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Anne said...

Beautifully said <3 my heart bursts of love for my little one! Love to shower him with all the love I have. He makes me feel complete and I want him to grow up to be a complete human beeing. I'm doing the best I can to provide him with evetything he needs to master this live.