Find out More about my '7 minutes With D' workout #2

Monday, 24 August 2015

'7 minutes With D #2' is one of the fitness programs I have designed and completed postpartum.  I started the program featured below at 4 months postpartum once I felt my core was strong enough and my post labour body had healed. I have chosen 7 minutes as it is a manageable length of time for me to complete a workout whilst Rex and I have tummy time. If Rex is happy to continue and I have more time, energy or want a more intense workout I simply repeat it. The number of repetitions depends on how I am feeling, though most importantly how Rex is going. As my body got stronger I would increase the repetitions.

The '7 minutes With D #2' workout

- There are 10 exercises
- Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, completing as many repetitions as possible unless a hold
- Take 10 seconds rest between each exercise
- Want more? Repeat 7 minute circuit

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