Find out More about my '7 minutes With D' workout

Friday, 29 May 2015

'7 minutes With D' is one of the fitness programs I have designed and completed postpartum.  I started this program at 6 weeks postpartum once I had the all clear from my health care team. I have chosen 7 minutes as it is a manageable length of time for me to complete a workout whilst Rex is either sleeping or playing. If I have more time, energy or want a more intense workout I simply repeat it. The number of repetitions depends on my fitness and postpartum wellbeing. As my body got stronger I would increase the repetitions and the depth of the exercise. For example, at 6 weeks postpartum I would only squat one quarter of the way down, then I increased to a full squat as my strength increased.

The '7 minutes With D' workout

- There are 9 exercises
- Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, completing as many repetitions as possible unless a hold
- Take 10 seconds rest between each exercise
- Want more? Repeat 7 minute circuit

Cool down with my Pregnancy and Postpartum stretching eGuide.

Traffic Jam Free Bliss Balls

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Those first couple of weeks are a bit of a ... traffic jam. Let's put all shame aside, if you've just had bub chances are you'll be constipated for possibly a few days maybe even more than a week. Uncomfortably for me it was 10 days and up until 2 months postpartum it was still an every couple of day celebration in my bathroom. Don't stress though, it is completely normal (unless it's becoming painful and it's been a couple of weeks, then you should see your health care practitioner). Constipation postpartum can be caused by a number of things, high levels of progesterone and pain relief drugs may be contributing factors, and your digestive system also slows down dramatically during labour, however chances are we're probably just scared of enduring more pain.

Mummy Moments

Friday, 22 May 2015

~ I love you more than all the grains of sand in the world ~

My kitchen rules - for the new mumma

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rexie and me in our veggie garden. 

Preparation: A sleeping baby or a chilled out baby in a bouncer/swing
To cook: Good cardio, you'll be racing around hoping baby stays asleep or calm
Ingredients: Less than 5
Difficulty: Super Easy 
Servings: Whomever is eating plus left overs for me tomorrow
Rating: Edible
Method: Cooking with a new born is a whole new experience. I like to take the view of being a single mum in this situation as a) my partner is currently in Canada working and b) many mums are home alone as their partners are working.

My Warm Up Yoga Flow

For days when I have the time... a little luxury whilst Rex is asleep.

Mummy Moments

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

~ I will hold you close forever and always ~ 

Yoga Baby Flow #2

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chilling out on a Sunday with my little man

Mummy Moments

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

~ Growing your own food is like printing your own money ~


Saturday, 2 May 2015

I've had lots of questions about what pram, capsule and carrier we chose and although I only have one of each and have never road tested (so to speak) any others here are some of my thoughts.

Firstly my partner and I made a list of what we thought we needed/would use. We were after reputable products/brands/models that were likely to be continued into the future and have good resale value. Then we researched online and asked around family and friends what they had used and would recommend/not recommend and why. Most of our research was centred around the pram as we felt this would be the biggest investment and be used for the longest period of time.