Saturday, 2 May 2015

I've had lots of questions about what pram, capsule and carrier we chose and although I only have one of each and have never road tested (so to speak) any others here are some of my thoughts.

Firstly my partner and I made a list of what we thought we needed/would use. We were after reputable products/brands/models that were likely to be continued into the future and have good resale value. Then we researched online and asked around family and friends what they had used and would recommend/not recommend and why. Most of our research was centred around the pram as we felt this would be the biggest investment and be used for the longest period of time.


The list of what we were after:
  • Useful for a long time – from new born to toddler and beyond 
  • Able to look directly at my baby and then have it turn around when he was older
  • Suitable for my partner and me to use and my short mum (My partner is 190cm 6’4” whilst my mum is 160cm 5’3”) – we didn’t want to be stooping or hitting our feet on it as we walked
  • Adjustable handles to cater for the different people who would be pushing it
  • Room underneath to carry baby and mum/other things
  • Stability
  • Good braking system
  • Easy to manoeuvre over all types of terrain - i.e. cement paths, dirt tracks, sand
  • Good turning circle and easy to push in different directions (my back was incredibly sore and I have knee problems)
  • Able to walk at a fast pace – but not necessarily for jogging (except to get out of rain) 
  • Ability to cater for multiple children with equal space (yes, I thought I’d be a baby machine)
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Not too heavy
  • Accessories available to cater for changing needs
  • Ability to easily take a baby car capsule in the initial months
  • A colour that was not likely to date quickly (we chose black)
So what did I end up with and what do I think of it now our baby is 3 months old.
We ended up choosing the Baby Jogger City Select (it has 4 wheels and your baby can face you). So far we have been beyond happy with it and I love getting out and about with it most days. It is great in all the places we have been. It is light and easy to assemble and has an amazing amount of room for all the baby stuff and more. We didn’t get the basinet and have found alternating between using the capsule with the pram and now our baby is bigger the seat with a wedge is working well for us and for him.
Price wise it is in the middle of the range and if you give yourself enough time when looking you can usually pick one up for sale at a competitive price.


We chose the Maxi Cosi Capsule because it was the easiest to use with the pram. We bought connections which make putting the capsule on to the pram frame really easy. I think most capsules and prams now have this option - definitely worth checking into. To be honest we got a great package deal and I liked the colour choices. All of the capsules we looked at meet Australian Approval so I think it really comes down to your budget. There is also the option to hire a capsule, which might suit people, especially when you don’t necessarily use them for a long period of time. We are already looking at using a Maxi Cosi car seat that can be used from birth to 5 years of age as our bub is a big boy.


We left purchasing a carrier until our baby was born. It was useful having both my partner and me and the baby together when we looked at carriers. Ones we thought would be great didn’t necessarily work for both of us given our shapes, heights and sizes. After talking with friends and doing some online research we narrowed it down to a either a Baby Björn or Ergo360 carrier.
Our baby was born in the middle of summer and we live in a warm climate so airflow was an important factor for him and us. It was actually the airflow that ended up being the deciding factor as well as the ability to have bub’s legs up in the initial months.
So what did we decide on and what do I think of it now our baby is 3 months old.
We purchased the Baby Björn – Baby Carrier One. It suits both my partner and me and our little boy seems happy in it. As to whether it is the best for us – time will tell. Some days I find it a struggle, as my back is not as strong as I would like it to be and on other days it works fine. Our bub likes it more and more, especially now he can face outwards and see the world (sad day for me, my baby is growing up way too quickly, I can’t look down on him as I did).
Also I think as the weather is cooling down, the carrier is more comfortable. I am still thinking I would like to try the Ergo360 but it really comes down to finances and having two carriers seems a bit of a luxury when that money could be used for other things at the moment.

Good Luck!

With love

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Dan said...

I loved this post! I was admiring your pram on instagram the other day and it just so happens we've bought the exact same one - hooray! Very, very useful for me to read your reviews as a new soon to be Mummy!