Why I use my pregnancy stretching eGuide postpartum

Friday, 17 April 2015

~ It's week 2 of being a mummy. I'm dusting the dog hair off my yoga mat. Bring on yoga! Okay settle down D. You just had a baby, don't go too crazy. I begin with a simple Sun Salutation. Not so simple when all those ligaments are loose as a goose. ~
It's important to understand and give yourself the credit your beautiful body deserves after giving birth to your bub. Our bodies have had to adjust to make way for our bubs for 9 months and then all of a sudden you're left with shall I say a battered toosh that needs some TLC. I'm now 10 weeks post partum and still using my Pregnancy & Postpartum Stretching With D eGuide.
My body is still in pregnancy mode so it's important I treat her accordingly. Yes I have thrown in the odd backbends, deeper twists, full forward folds and hanging out on my back without a pillow shoved under my right butt cheek, however my base practice is still the stretches found on my eGuide.
Sticking to what your body knows best and than slowly incorporating poses that you feel are appropriate as the weeks go by enables your body to recover gently at its own pace. By taking things easy you are not only allowing your beautiful body to heal, you are creating a strong foundation for your future practice. 
Happy stretching fellow super mummies :)
With love

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