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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Where do I start? First of all, I LOVE FOOD! I live to eat not eat to live. I've always enjoyed discovering new restaurants and cafés, hunting for the best breakfast in town! Then heading to the markets or shops depending on what day of the week it is, picking up my basket of goodies so I can spend a couple of hours each night preparing and cooking something I can share with family and friends. (Check out his page for food inspo like this beauty above.)
Until I fell pregnant! (insert loud bass music)
The first few weeks, it was odd cravings. All I wanted to eat was poached eggs on toast with avocado plus as much mayonasie as I could handle! I had never really enjoyed mayo until then. Then the morning sickness settled in!
TOAST TOAST TOAST. It felt like that's all I ate for 3 months! Depending on how sick I was I'd play around with exotic spreads like butter and vegemite. If I was feeling adventurous avocado was a big hit! 
And this is where I got confused, if I'm meant to be making a baby, shouldn't I be eating as many nutritious foods as possible? I missed my old diet, I had never eaten much bread prior to falling pregnant and my diet was very healthy! I missed enjoying my spicy food, my veggies, my fruit. But why were they not wanting to be apart of my life anymore? No one really knows why women get morning sickness. However there are many theories. They've linked the rapid increase of hormones Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Estrogen with higher rates of nausea and vomiting. And then there are theories suggesting that nausea and vomiting are necessary to expel harmful toxins and microorganisms that were historically found in meats and strong-tasting vegetables. Though I guess whether I knew why we experience morning sickness or not, it still made itself right at home and I had to try keep it at bay with whatever I could. 
Bland food was at the top of my list! Anything that had a smell had me sprinting for the bathroom. I giggle reminiscing on thoughts I had prior to falling pregnant. I always said, "If I were to ever have children, they were going to eat exotic foods and eat whatever I gave them, I wasn't going to have a fussy chid!"  You were wrong there Dana! And I think that's why during pregnancy we're hit with the morning sickness stick, so we can empathise with a child's developing pallet. 
Thankfully as the weeks flew by, I was steering away from my toast diet. I was able to keep my veggies down! I realised I wasn't going to have much of a choice when it came to food but I missed the days of searching for an awesome recipe and cooking up a storm of an evening. So once my morning sickness had passed I would search for recipes and tweak them to sadly make them as boring as I could. Takes the fun out of cooking huh?! I'd taste it mid cooking, "hmm too much flavour, how can I tone it down?" Some day I'll have to share all my "boring pregnancy recipes" with you all. How does that sound? 
Great pose for boring food comas :P
Amongst all my food dilemmas during the 9 months of my belly growing, changing shape and then kicking away I had some serious cravings!!! Not just the mayo, but meat pies, in particular gravy, chicken burgers and cookies! Sounds healthy huh! I had never eaten a meat pie in my life, I grew up basically vegetarian so meat has never had a huge place in my diet. Cookies weren't a huge surprise though as for years I had been a dark chocoholic! How amazing is Pana Chocolate? If you're not already following them on Instagram, follow "pana _chocolate", your mouth will be drooling all day with their posts! The day they open up one of their cafés on the Sunshine Coast will be the day I need to seek counselling, "Hi my name is Dana and I am a chocoholic!" :P 
The amazing Pana Chocolate! My first love :P
Now I must stress, although I had my fair share of naughty bites I wasn't one to over load nor was I one to "eat for two". I'm not sure where the theory of "eating for two" came about but that second someone is only between the size of a pea and a watermelon who sleeps all day with no responsibilities, so stresses are quite low thus not using much energy, therefore not needing that second serve of whatever you had for lunch :P They say approximately an extra 300 calories a day is all that is needed for an active person. So really not much at all. Once I started back at a reasonably normal diet around 20 weeks pregnant I kept the same amount of food intake as I would have had prior to being pregnant and took advantage of the extra 300 calories a day by having small amounts of my naughty cravings. 
Only issue is, at 30 weeks pregnant those energy levels drop! So standing in one spot for an extended period of time is almost impossible, making food prep a difficult task! Bananas were my life saver! They were an awesome pick me up until my food was ready without me feeling as though I was about to pass out. As well as softening my "hangry" emotions ;) Not sure if anyone else suffers from this, but countless times during my pregnancy the thought of food just didn't interest me, so eating bananas kept me perked up. I'm surprised I'm not completely turned off bananas now or haven't turned into a monkey. Fun fact: Did you know that you're actually meant to peel the banana from the bottom end and use that "long hard bit" as a handle! Turns out monkey's know how to actually peel one properly and we've been doing it wrong for years :P 

How cute?
Well now that I've turned to giving you fun facts about monkey's and their banana eating habits, it's probably time for me to wrap up my first blog. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my pregnancy munchies. Feel free to comment and share your odd pregnancy cravings below :) 
Happy pregnancy cheeky monkeys!
With love

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Anita said...

Oh I am so grateful for your blog post D! I'm only 9 weeks pregnant but I have been going through so many emotions, in relation to my morning sickness and (inevitable!) terrible diet. I'm also vegetarian, but for the last couple of weeks all I can fathom eating is toast, water crackers and a big dirty Angus Burger from Maccas! I've felt terrible guilt and frustration around this because I swore when I got pregnant I'd continue my Fruitarian/Plant Based Diet, drink my Spirulina smoothies & throw down the Molasses - so that baby would get all the nutrients it needs! And all I can think about is getting something (just something) into my belly for fuel - without feeling sick! Thank you for sharing, it's made me feel less guilty! I realise now that it won't be forever - and hopefully the health lifestyle I've lived prior to this, will make up for this phase! I can't wait til I'm actually excited to once again crave the foods I love! :)

Emma Joy said...

Thank you so much for this post. I am 9 weeks pregnant too and living off toast. Feeling bad that I'm not always getting lots of veges in. But I all I can stomach is marmite, tomato and cheese on toast. Looking forward to this "morning' (mine is worse in the evening) sickness to be over!! I had a meltdown the other night and sobbed to my husband 'this pregnancy is messing with my one true love - FOOD!' Lol.