Packing THAT bag

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

First question is, "Do I own that many pairs of underwear?" From week 30 there was no way I was fitting into my usual stack of undies and with the excitement of, "Hey, he could come at any moment now!" I wasn't going to head out and buy a draw full of underwear at $10 a pop. So it was 3 pairs on rotation and another 3 scrunched up in my hospital bag. 

So when it came to packing my bags, I had no idea! Surely the list of 8 items from my midwife for both Rex and me wasn't going to cut it. With a bit of research I managed to pull together a list of my own. And it worked quite well. Below are all the things mama bear, papa bear and baby bear used.

Mama bear:

  • * the bag - I used a carry on size roller suitcase and this colourful shoulder bag for Rex's    things, which I now use as his nappy bag. Yep it's unorganised, so it suits me well.
  • * to hospital - I wore what I was wearing that day; shorts, a singlet and thongs.
  • * nightgown - I changed into this as soon as I arrived. I wore this during my labour and during my stay at the hospital, I wish I had bought two. I had an epidural for health reasons, so I needed a urinary catheter. Having a comfortable nightgown made it so much easier walking around and being able to lift it up whilst laying in bed if I needed to. As you can see in the pic above, the top was very easy to breastfeed in as well. Definitely something to keep in mind if you wish to opt for a nightgown.
  • * mints - I was vomiting from the pain during labour. 
  • * bottled water - I couldn't stand tap water at that point.
  • * maternity pads - I went through 2 packs (10 in each).
  • * maternity bras - I just used the one when I was leaving.
  • * underwear - 3 pairs
  • * hairbrush
  • * toothbrush & toothpaste
  • * body wash - I used "femfresh", as it's pH balanced, suitable for intimate areas, which of course aren't in the best of shape after labour.
  • * towel & face cloth
  • * heat pack - they had them at the hospital as well, but I used them the whole time after my labour.
  • * comfortable clothes for going home - I wore a singlet and long pants. I suggest very loose pants, your waist doesn't just shrink back to pre pregnancy size and your uterus will be very sore! It also felt like I was wearing a huge nappy/diaper with those maternity pads so the long loose pants made me feel comfortable knowing no one could see it. 
  • * health care cards

Papa bear:

  • * phone & charger
  • * list of people I wanted to be contacted

Baby bear:

  • * sensitive baby lotion & bamboo cloths - I chose lotion over wipes at this stage as I wasn't sure how sensitive his skin was going to be and the bamboo cloths are beautifully soft!
  • * newborn nappies - my hospital requested disposables
  • * towel & face cloth - for his first bath before we left the hospital
  • * baby blanket/bunny rugs/wraps - they did provide these, though I guess they're good to have just incase
  • * singlets
  • * bodysuits - bring a couple of sizes, 0000 & 000. Rex couldn't fit two of his 0000 outfits I had brought. I had mum pop out and pick up more outfits for me
  • * hat/beanie
  • * socks/booties
  • * mittens
  • * car capsule
Enjoy packing for the most exciting road trip of your life! 
With love

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