Yoga Baby Flow #1

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

There's 24 hours in a day and as a new mum I feel like I don't get any of that time to myself. Of an evening and during the wee hours of the morning, when Rex is asleep I'll squeeze in a stretch, however I think for many years I'll be praying that he'll stay asleep until I've finished. I see beautiful mums holding their happy babies enjoying a stretch or a workout all over instagram and blogs. Question is, how do I make my baby that happy all the time? Truth is, we have no control! Sometimes they'll be happy, sometimes they'll be screaming down the house. As I'm developing more of a routine at 3 months postpartum, I'm learning when Rex's "happy" times are, when he's not hungry, gassy, or overtired. However, waiting for him to fall asleep, going grey worrying he'll wake up 5 minutes into a stretch, I've realised I NEED to get the hang of "baby flow". Keeping in mind, we too will have our days where tantrums may begin before, during and fingers crossed after a stretch. If the timing doesn't work, I have learnt to move on to another activity and come back to it later - always trying to make stretching as fun as possible. Listening to his giggle whilst playing peekaboo during downward dog is adorable! I'll be experimenting with what I have created to best suit my little one. Incorporating stretches from my guide and poses which I have learnt whilst on my journey. I hope you all enjoy what there is to come and possibly give them a go yourself. 
With love

This was so much fun! His giggle as I played peekaboo whilst doing downward dog was adorable. Loving creating mini flows so Rex can have fun with me.

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